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Lottery Singapore

If you are in Singapore and you have a smartphone, you can play the lottery online. This is not only convenient but also saves money.

Singapore Pools offers various games like Toto, 4Digits, Sweep and Cascade. The most popular games are the Toto and the 4D digit game. You can win big and earn some cash by playing the lottery in Singapore.

The prize amounts vary. The first prize is S$ 1 million. Alternatively, you can get a pot prize of S$ 300,000. Those who do not win can still collect their prize.

The tickets can be bought from authorized retailers. One ticket costs $2. However, you can buy multiple Singapore lottery tickets to increase your chances of winning.

The main draw is held every Thursday. You can also see the results on the website. After the draw, you will find the winning numbers and their payouts.

Singapore Pools is the only legal lottery operator in the country. It was first established in 1986. IGT has signed a six-year deal with the company. It will be the central lottery system provider.

Lottery Singapore is available for all Singapore residents and foreigners. There are different games for all ages. It is an exciting and fun way to spend time while you earn some cash.

The Singapore Pools website is available online and you can use your mobile phone or tablet to access it. You can set reminders, purchase a ticket and analyze the results.