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Lottery Singapore is Singapore’s national lotto. Tickets cost $3 each, and you’re rewarded with $1,000 for matching all five numbers. However, if you match all seven numbers and get the jackpot prize, you’ll get a whopping $2.3 million! It’s that simple, and you can even check on your results right from your computer by registering for email alerts!

The Lottery Singapore website is available on any computer or smartphone. Just make sure to check whether your device is compatible. It’s also possible to play online poker through a mobile phone. Just be sure that your phone has a sufficient amount of computer memory. And once you’re registered, you’ll be able to see the results instantly.

The Toto game was first launched in Singapore in 1968. At the time, it was a primitive experience, but the game evolved and grew over the next four decades. It became a progressive jackpot game in 1981, and a rollover prize would be awarded if the jackpot wasn’t won. It started off as a five-digit game, but soon changed to six-digit numbers. The format was changed again in 1998, and in 2014, Toto went online.

The odds of winning the jackpot are 1 in 13,983,816. Despite the odds, there are still ways to win big with Lottery Singapore. For instance, you can choose a lucky number and play that number for three consecutive weeks until you get lucky.